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Snider Fleet Solutions has built its reputation on servicing trucks of every make and model. We have deep experience working with all kinds of fleets. We know the ones that have performed well for their owners, and it is from the best fleets that we select our inventory. We know that different routes put different stresses on different kinds of trucks. And that some drivers take better care than others. Only a team as experienced as ours can size up a truck with such detail and accuracy. This priceless experience is what makes Snider Used Trucks different.

Rigorous Inspections

We dig a lot deeper than the superficial “lights and levels” checks. Our ASE-certified technicians give every vehicle a 72-point inspection, and perform any PM service required. All our used trucks are DOT compliant.

Financing To Fit

We’ll help you arrange a financing package that fits your situation. We do business with a wide range of lenders, so we can find favorable rates for you. We’re happy to advise you on the optimal trade cycle so you can get the most out of your investment.

Tire Expertise

Our expertise in tires gives you added assurance. Our experience with fleets has shown us that cheap tires actually cost you more over time, due to their negative effect on fuel efficiency. Should you decide you want new ones, we’ll find the right tires for your budget.

Maintenance Plans

Once you have your Snider Used Truck on the road, you can count on your maintenance plans to keep it in top condition. We have shops strategically located along thousands of miles of major routes. And if trouble strikes in between our locations, our 24/7 roadside service network will get you back on the road.

Equipment Remarketing

We buy trucks, too. Our remarketing team is always in the market for quality used equipment - from day-cabs to sleepers to box trucks and dump trucks. Whether you need a consignment program or an outright offer to purchase, our team has extensive experience valuing equipment and will provide a fair assessment. And if an on-site visit is needed, our buyers travel nationwide to inspect equipment.

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